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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. millions of you, headed on to the highways right now. and it is so infernal, roads are buckling in the blistering heat. look at this suv, sent soaring into the air when the street buckled under its tires. it's going to be the hottest fourth in history. some is tracking it all. usher, the pop star calling 911, as a delusional woman, who thinks she's his wife, shows up at his house when his children are with him. and it wasn't the first time. [ whistling ] and memories of an american icon. the man who played our favorite smalltown sheriff, with the unforgettable whistle, from mayberry to "matlock."
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our tribute to andy griffith. we have fireworks. and it's our biggest blowout fourth ever. "gma's" party in the usa. and a good morning, everyone. and happy birthday to you, america. 236 years old. you don't look a day over 150, i have to tell you. george, robin, both off today. some argue that sam's only half here. we have amy robach with us. and that crowd has already won the spirit award. they are here, despite those shots, expected to be a very hot one out there. more than 40 million americans
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hitting the road today. gas is cheaper. we have the latest before you head out the door. we've had that moment of brain freeze when we eat ice cream. what's really going on in our brain? we actually have the science behind it. who knew that doctors and scientists were studying this malady. >> they have answers for you. we are expected to begin the hottest fourth of july ever. how hot is it? take a look here. in wisconsin, one highway buckled and sent that suv flying through the air. a heat wave that's been hammering the midwest and east coast for days now. and sam can tell us what to expect in the days to come. >> good morning, by the way. happy birthday, america. anywhere in the heartland, it's likely you'll be setting records today. let's go to the video and the problems the heat is causing. josh showed you this at the top of the show.
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let me give you the backstory here. this is highway 29 in wisconsin. this woman and her brother-in-law went up to the bridge because people had been stopping and looking. she thought the camera was on still pictures. but she was taking a video as the car sailed over there. they called 911. and the folks in that suv were all right. but that's the problem. buckling roads all over the midwest. there's a lot of them out there. now, we go to the fires. brand-new fire in palmdale, california. there are 44 large fires and more than 100 and something small fires burning in the west. these are the numbers. all this fire zone here, fire season hasn't really started. it's summer into early fall when we get fires. you've seen how many fires we've had. k.c., about 100 degrees. memphis, 101. anywhere in the heartland, josh, it's likely to be some of the
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warmest temperatures ever recorded on the fourth of july. >> red and orange. that map's been for at least week. thanks to, sam. one way to beat all of the heat, hop in the car and head somewhere cooler. americans are planning on traveling much more on this fourth of july. though, we will be spending less when we do it. rob nelson got the memo. he's at the smart screen with the numbers. >> i'm in the spirit, everybody. happy fourth of july. americans are hitting the road. look at the numbers. 42.3 million folks will be hitting the road. an increase of about 5% over last year. why? you may ask. gas prices are down. that is good news. but it means we're going to spend less this holiday. look at this survey by visa. we're going to spend 12% less this year than we did last. the holiday, we're still going to party.
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68% of us are going to cook out. 49% watching the fireworks. got to love that. and finally, 13% of us are taking a trip. and the 1% of us who have been up all night, we're going to bed. back to you, josh. happy fourth, everybody. now, rob's partner in crime, paula faris. >> good morning to you. kudos to rob nelson, my partner. rocking that smart screen. good morning, everybody. we begin with new revelations of the deadly cruise ship off of italy. sources say the crew kept sailing despite knows about electrical problems onboard. perhaps the biggest bombshell, the crew was using the wrong maps. the ship crashed off the rocks off tuscany. two people from minnesota were among the people killed. and secretary of state hillary clinton's apology has apparently been accepted.
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she told pakistan's foreign minister that the u.s. was story for the air strike that killed 27 pakistani troops. for the first time, pakistan is reopening resupply routes for american troops in neighboring afghanistan. and the jetblue pilot who had a midair meltdown is off the hook. found not guilty by reason of insanity. clayton osbon left the cockpit and started ranting about terrorists. >> we've got israel. we got iraq. we're going to get -- doomed. >> osbon was charged with interfering with a flight crew. but the judge ruled he is suffering from mental illness. ordered him to undergo further examination before being released. in a medical first, it's soon going to be fast and easy to test yourself for the hiv/aids virus in the privacy of your own home. the fda just approved the test
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that uses a mouth swab and gives results in 20 to 30 minutes. experts say nearly 250,000 americans are hiv-positive and don't even know it. a politician in australia is under fire this morning. she was on a talk show when the guy sitting next to her had a medical emergency and fainted. we want you to check out her reaction. >> i'm note sure what's -- >> she just sat back and did nothing. she kind of propped him up, as amy noted. she thought he was joking. the man is okay. but he was suffering from flu-like symptoms. she is getting lambasted. blasted by columnists. saying first responder, that's not in her future. >> what do they want her to do? >> thought she was going to catch something. >> maybe she should help. >> maybe she assumed that it was
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less serious. we should note, he was okay, right? >> he was fine. amy, we know you would react. josh, not sure. >> thanks so much. president obama and republican challenger, mitt romney, are spending this independence day doing the things we expect presidential candidates to do. but one thing more, we're seeing more of the obama children. it's "your voice, your vote." and here's abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: good morning. happy fourth of july. you know, thomas jefferson and john adams both died on the fourth of july. and of course, it's the birthday of president calvin coolidge. it's also a birthday of a member of the family who lives in the big white house behind me. malia obama turns 14 today. a celebration the first daughter can mark with independence day fireworks. which she and the first family will launch with service members and her families.
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another part of americana that malia and sasha are these days, the election. trying to beef up his number with women voters. >> proud father of two daughters. >> reporter: they appeared in a father's day tribute. >> i think of what kind of world i'm leaving for my two, little girls. >> reporter: the obama girls may be too young to be hitting the campaign trail soon, unlike mitt romney's boys. 18 grandkids. seen here on a vacation in new hampshire. boating. jet skiing. eating ice cream. even squeezing in a game of volleyball. the romney brothers have appeared in a web ad, praising mother, ann, on mother's day. >> slow to judge. and quick to offer a helping hand. >> reporter: and all appeared on conan o'brien, trying to humanize their father. >> no one likes to get pranked. >> we learned that the hard way. >> reporter: the president
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clearly enjoys bringing his daughters on vacations to places like hawaii and national parks. but thrusting them into the political process could bring unwanted attention. he cautioned against that in an interview with abc news affiliate wcrc. >> those in public life were fair game. our families are civilians. >> reporter: last year, when malia turned 13, the president told robin roberts about a different kind of attention for his daughters that is unwanted. from boys. >> i understand teenagers are complicated. i should also point out that i have men with guns that surround them. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, president obama begins his first campaign bus tour of the election season. visiting the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania. his family will not be with him. >> jake tapper, thank you for that. now, let's take a moment for all of us to remember andy griffith. the legend we last yesterday at the age of 86. just sit there and listen.
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couldn't you? for half a century, he entertained america. first, on broadway, then in movies and most of all on television, as sheriff andy taylor, in mayberry. creating an ideal american community where everybody got along, thanks to a gentle push from america's most sensible sheriff. chris connelly is here to look back at his life. >> reporter: he was a downhome hero for generations of fans. chris rock called him the original cosby. andy griffith, a legendary career forged from a mythical place. >> somewhere wandering loose around mayberry is a loaded goat. >> reporter: at a time in the '60s, when smalltown america and its eccentrics held sway over sitcoms, andy griffith was the most appealing embodiment. serving up folksy wisdom. >> next time i go tiger hunting,
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i'm going to take my tweezers. >> reporter: and plenty of aw shucks smiles. >> i don't need a hair cut. >> how can you tell? >> i can still see. >> reporter: as sheriff andy taylor on "the andy griffith show." its last original episode aired 44 years ago. yet, it would become an enduring tv classic. making griffith himself an icon for millions. on tuesday, as news of griffith's death began to spread, brad paisley, who featured griffith in his video on "waiting on a woman," took to twitter in tribute. andy griffith changed the world. i was so proud to work with him. and so did the actor and oscar-winning director, known back then as ronnie howard. he tweeted, his pursuit in excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations and shaped my life. i'm forever grateful. rest in peace, andy.
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howard began his showbiz career as opie, andy's son and fishing buddy. griffith started in the '50s, as an ambitious demagogue in "a face in the crowd." and then, country lawyering, in the '80s series "matlock." yet, "the andy griffith show" remains his signature. >> tv shows come and go. but there's only one andy griffith. >> reporter: in 2005, george w. bush presented him with the medal of freedom. >> it was about a little town and all the people who lived in it. all those sweet shows, they just came with the territory. >> reporter: griffith died in his home state of north carolina, at the age of 86. leaving memories of warm sunshine and good times along the country road of anyone's dream. that same interview, andy
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griffith said they had a rule on the show, if the joke made a liar out of a character, they got rid of it. if they did that for "modern family," it would last about 15 minutes and be as fun as a civil war documentary. >> chris connelly, a wonderful piece. thank you. i'm going to go with disturbing news if you're headed to the beach this holiday. it's unusual to have shark sightings on both coasts. they've been sighted off cape cod in the east and san diego in the west. abc's david wright has the story. >> shark. >> reporter: merely mention a great white shark, people mentally add in the soundtrack to "jaws." this fourth of july, that scary music can scare you, with shark sightings on both coasts. >> you got a shark. we got a panic on our hands on the fourth of july.
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>> reporter: maybe not panic. but serious concern. on cape cod this weekend, local fishermen spotted two great whites in shallow water close to shore. 1 of them, 16 feet long. >> right here. we'll have to frequent the other beaches, i guess. >> reporter: the chattham harbor master is advising swimmers to stay away from seals entering the water. seals are one of the great white's favorite snack foods. here in southern california, swimmers at la jolla beach heard that scary announcement. >> my 7-year-old was out there. >> reporter: life guards ended up closing the beach for a day. but now, the beaches are open again for the fourth. just like that scene for the movie. >> as you see, it's a beautiful day. the beaches are open. and people are having a wonderful time. >> reporter: are you worried for the fourth of july? >> not at all. >> reporter: would you let your kids or grandkids swim out here?
7:16 am
>> my kids do swim at la jolla. more people are injured driving to the beach than get injured at the beach by a shark. >> reporter: of course, that depends on where you're swimming this fourth of july. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news. >> david wright, thank you. poor, misunderstood sharks. now, to another potential summertime hazard. i speak of the dreaded brain freeze. that brief but painful headache that comes when eating something really cold. so, before you indulge this holiday, abc's lindy davis takes a look at what causes brain freeze and how to avoid it. >> reporter: when it's this hot outside, this can be music toe your ears. every year, americans consume six gallons of the cold stuff. even though we all scream for ice cream, it can lead to pain.
7:17 am
the dreaded ice cream headache. also known as brain freeze. >> my head. >> it goes to your head. it's the worst pain, headache ever. >> reporter: now, military doctors are studying the rocky road toe brain freeze. here's what they found. this is your brain. and this is your brain on ice cream. as you wolf down that triple-scoop, your frozen treat sends an icy blast to the nerve at the top of your mouth. the same nerve that goes to your head. then, braincicle. >> that disturbance is picked up by that nerve. >> reporter: brain freeze is very common. even more so if you're already prone to headaches. and scientists say speed counts. >> there's an easy fix in store. eat cautiously and slowly like your mother told you. >> reporter: i decided to test that theory. don't think for a second, i'm going to enjoy this. this is strictly in the name of science.
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all right. it's still going on right now. so, if the summer heat means you just have to have that slurpee, don't sweat it. just slurp at your own risk. try curling your tongue and resting it at the roof of your mouth. or you could prevent it altogether by the best remedy of all, simply slowing down. the good news is, no long-term effect. >> your head has to be -- >> you have to stop eating the ice cream right now. >> you look so ridiculous, the brain freeze isn't your problem. >> let's go through this. >> sam, they're -- you're eating your weather. >> all right. >> i'll eat ice cream. >> they're freaking out. we got to go. here we go. let's get to the boards. here's what's happening. on the areas that we told you, some of them we're going to see the hottest fourth of july ever. right in the middle, the records
7:19 am
aren't record-breaking. areas north, minneapolis may be set up for one of the worst fourths ever. the heat index is going 105, 110, might even get to 115. this is very good news. monsoon moisture. we'll talk about it for the rest of this week. moisture moving into the southwest. it's not a lot of rain yet. but it can help the very dry conditions out in the west.
7:20 am
>> let's get this show rolling along, shall we? a quick look at your fireworks' forecast. >> what do the stars mean? is that good? still to come here on the program, usher's urgent call to 911. an alleged stalker showing up at his door. we have a new twist in the case of the missing millionaire, up next. average of 5,000
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good wednesday morning. meeto ol gist mike masco clouds haik on tough and temperatures into the 70s. last few hours a broken line of showers moving across the area. we have a few rumbles of thunder reports near carroll county that's passed towards the south and east. 77 in town. 78 in dover. that's a launching pad for the upper 90s today.
7:27 am
excessive heat advisory begins at noontime today and going until 4 this afternoon. again for the heat index approaching 105. clouds in place now but there's a clearing up towards central pa sliding in during the course of the afternoon. 98 today hot and humid and spotty storms. after 2, they may linger into tonight but we are expecting ideal weather for the 4th of july festivities downtown. 75 for tonight. and here's the 7-day forecast. hotter tomorrow at 100. 100 again on friday but the story of the heat indexes that could approach 110. chartey. >> a code red heat alert is in effect. extreme heat claiming four lives. cooling senters are opened across the state and each brings air conditioning and free water. so, if you know someone whose power is out and you can reach them, get in touch with them and direct them to one of the cooling centers. again, air conditioning and free water out there for a list of locations, head to
7:28 am
abc2news.comand we have the list on the mobile device again abc2 news key vice for your -- did he -- device for your smart phone. ding to the city paul have extended their hours by one hour and monitoring and watching the code red aelement so the city pools extended one extra hour for today. now back to more good morning america. back with more traffic or just the weather coming up in few minutes.
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7:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] see how that works? with the katy perry and the "fireworks." what a great crowd on the fourth of july. we apologize for sam's forecast. sam ruining everything. not raining on their parade. however, i love you, big boy. robin and george are off today. glad to have amy robach here with me. >> thank you very much, josh. and the latest on the alleged superstar stalker who drove usher to call 911. a woman turning up at his home twice in one day, when his children are with him. we'll have the latest. also, the latest on a puzzling mystery. the millionaire, who may have vanished at sea. the boat turned up with the lights on, engine runs. >> is he still alive? what are his relatives saying now? and the growing family feud over
7:31 am
his fortune. >> indeed. also, i have quite a "play of the day" for all of you. i don't want to show you yet. >> quite a tease there, josh. a close call for music superstar, usher, who frantically dialed 911 for help last weekend, as a woman he says is a stalker made a visit to his home. the woman has been arrested and getting a mental evaluation. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a wild one. according to the 911 call, usher tells the operator the alleged stalker came to his house twice in one day. the first time, someone let her inside before realizing no one knew her. even though reports say, he lives in a gated community and has a security team. he's known for his chart-topping hits that drive women crazy. ♪ you got it bad >> reporter: but one female fan apparently has it bad for usher. so bad, in fact, the singer had
7:32 am
to call 911. >> what's the address of the emergency? >> i have a trespasser on my front door. >> did she tell you her name? >> i don't know this woman. >> reporter: in the newly-released 911 call, usher appears to be whispering as he explains to the dispatcher he is fearing for his safety. >> i have children in the house. this lady is apparently delusional. >> reporter: the woman identified as darshelle jones rakeshaw, came to his house for the second time in the day. >> this was not a woman that anyone knew. she was asked to leave the house. >> reporter: in this rant posted on youtube, rakestraw says usher
7:33 am
invited her to his house. and he calls her to complain about ankle pain and headaches. >> that person believes she has a relationship with the celebrity. that the celebrity wants them around. it can grow to be dangerous if there's other people around the celebrity. they may go after other people in order to get rid of the competition. >> reporter: just days before the incident, usher spoke with our own robin roberts about another trial in his life playing out in the public, the custody battle he's facing with his ex-wife, tameka foster. >> how have you been able to handle such a public battle for your children? >> a lot of what happens behind the scenes is unfortunately newsworthy for the world. but these issues are confidential. you know? my steadfast belief that a father is important in a child's life. i want to raise them to be responsible future adults. >> reporter: and according to
7:34 am, usher's ex-wife is now trying to use this stalking incident to get custody of the kids. sources tell the website because the kids were at home at the time, she is scared for the kids' safety. >> hope that woman gets some help. john, thank you. now, to the case of the missing millionaire. guma aguiar's empty boat washed ashore with the lights on and the engine running. now, the battle for his fortune is heating up. matt gutman joins us from florida with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this story becomes more complex and mysterious by the day. now, guma aguiar's uncle waying in. he is the third family member to suggest that somehow aguiar orchestrated his own disappearance. and this morning, video of aguiar on the boat he loved.
7:35 am
this new footage obtained by abc news, with his family, on his boat. i have a hard time clearing my mind anywhere. but this is a good place to try. >> reporter: it's the same boat from which he seemingly disappeared two weeks ago. the millionaire tycoon and father of four was last seen leaving his home on june 19th. hours later, his boat washed ashore at this beach. ngening running. his wallet, keys and phone onboard. his millionaire uncle, tom kaplan, joined a feud other his fortune. kaplan suggested aguiar may not be dead after all. disappeared under suspicious circumstances. the parties are hopeful that aguiar's alive. his mother, and wife, ellen, and teams of lawyers were back in
7:36 am
court tuesday. all three members are battling for some control of $100 million of aguiar's assets. aguiar's mother says that he threatened divorce with jamie aguiar before he went missing. jamie has denied it and countersued, claiming her mother-in-law just wants the money. >> we don't believe she has say at this point. >> reporter: the only thing that all three members agree on now, is the possibility that guma aguiar may have faked his own death. >> he rode in a boat until he got to shore. >> reporter: this morning, as the family drama continues to play out, this new footage of aguiar, shows a much different side of his family. together. hand in hand. those days are gone. josh and amy, we learned that jamie aguiar intends to sell the
7:37 am
$5 million mansion, the $2 million yacht, in hopes to preserve that fortune. right now, police say guma aguiar is missing, not dead. let's turn to sam and another look at the weather. kansas can see stars and stripes. >> it's subtle. i'm not sure if you got the fact we decorated the map for the fourth of july yet. there's some fireworks up here. wait. there's more down here. wait. maybe you didn't notice these over here. but generally, this is -- do we have pictures? i want to show you the storms through atlanta. yesterday, tossing trucks through the area. this is a reminder how powerful the afternoon storms can be when they pop up. we are looking for scattered storms throughout the south. most of us will get the storms out of the way in the zone that they are, before we get to fireworks time. that's a very good thing. stay with your local abc stations. and they'll walk you through the
7:38 am
timing of the storms in your area. portland at 76. redding, at 96. the northwest has >> all of that fourth of july weather was brought to you by the buick lacrosse. coming up here, the latest on aimee copeland. the 24-year-old who has been battling that flesh-eating disease. good news for you all. sometimes, i feel like it's me against my hair.
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welcome back. and now, to the latest on aimee copeland, the 24-year-old battling that flesh-eating disease. after two months, she is out of the hospital. you see her there smiling. but she's about to face a grueling rehab. bazi kanani has all of the details. >> reporter: aimee copeland is focusing on regaining her own independence on this holiday. she is now closer to her eventual goal of going home and getting on with her life and all the things she has planned for it. the smile on aimee copeland's face, seen here as she left
7:43 am
doctors hospital in augusta this week. it's something her family thought they may never see again. >> the biggest part of this is because of the prayers we've hood from millions of people. >> reporter: this morning, copeland is waking up at a rehab facility less than an hour from her home. her family says she's energized and ready for months of therapy she's facing. >> just sitting in the same hospital room for two months. just her moving to a new place is so motivational. with new surroundings, new people, new friends to make. >> reporter: in the meantime, her family is expanding their home, preparing for a homecoming. >> our house is not aimee-friendly. it's small and compact. we want to open it up for somebody with her disability. >> reporter: copeland's struggle began in may, when she fell from a zip line and put her leg. she was infected with a rare
7:44 am
flesh-eating bacteria, which took her feet and hand, but not her spirit. >> this is kind of like aimee's metamorphosis and he's not -- >> a lot of small steps along the way. >> reporter: on june 23rd, andy copeland posted this picture. the georgia grad student was wheeled outside for the very first time. >> i know that aimee's capable of so much more. >> reporter: tonight, she's in physical therapy, trying to rebuild her strength. >> when she takes her diploma and earns her masters degree, that will be the culmination of everything. i decent think she can be
7:45 am
limited by anything. >> reporter: aimee's graduation is this december. and aimee told her family she wants to wa uk to get her diploma. her father said, if she had it her way, she would drive herself to that ceremony. >> i love she is giving us words of wisdom, as well. bazi, thanks very much. we have josh coming up with "the play of the day." and hollywood's blockbusters for the fourth of july. what's new and hot app the movies. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪ the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪
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so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out the whole radiant collection. here's "the play of the day." >> see the "jump" actually worked. amy, can you sing a few lines of that? >> i only know a few words, as was evidenced a moment ago. >> we have a bo-fer for you. take a look at this.
7:50 am
135 people on a bridge in russia. what do you say we all just jump off the bridge together? >> oh, my gosh. it's a swing. >> i don't know. i can't explain the engineering here, at "play of the day." somehow that works. how do they get back up? nik wallenda, they are not. but what a visual. and it is a happy birthday to all of you, america. 236 years young. take a look. we'll all be doing this in many parts of the country. aptly titled. this video, titled, dad never gives up. the barbecue will go on. we want all of you to have a safe and happy fourth of july. >> before we go, let me show you yesterday's "play of the day."
7:51 am
josh spraying food all over the audience. the audience is ready outside. hot, scalding, boiling substances over the audience. i think some of the folks returned to get their cleaning bills paid. here. >> the rain will wash it off. >> that was a special holiday tri-fer. we want you to enjoy it. coming up, as you can hear, it's a party in the usa. biggest fourth of july ever. hot flicks, cool desserts and more sam. could it get better? until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
7:52 am
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good wednesday morning i am mike masco. you can see the sunshine trying to get through the clouds. the cloud this morning and rain showers moving across the area. notice how the line dies down. just a couple scattered showered around pd and howard county drifting towards the chesapeake and more showers north near new jersey and parts of philadelphia. in terms of the cloud coming, one deck of clouds on us right now. that's going to drift towards the south and east breaking into the sunshine today and that sunshine is going to boost temperatures dramatically. # 7 in town right now. dc at 76 a pair of 7s towards easton. humidity values high and the heat and humidity combined will
7:57 am
make the real feel temperatures. the heat indexes feeling between 100 to 105 today and it could go beyond 105 to 110 as we head into thursday and friday. those are the expected heat advisory. for the afternoon 98. hot and humid. spotty storms in the mix today. but we will hold the best shot of the storms coming into play after the two o'clock hour. 75 tonight and it's a slow crawl out of 90s and 80s and fireworks time probably into the middle 8 0á. dangerous -- 80s. dang rouse day tomorrow. 100 feeling like 110. 99 on saturday and gusty showers and storms possibility and threat for severe weather heading into saturday afternoon temperatures 95. 90 op upon and a shower or storm and maybe we can break 90s by next week on tuesday. pros up around 88. dire consider temperatures
7:58 am
around 88. now -- temperatures up around 88. another back to new york. 3q every type of stain is different and needs a different product. with so many choices, it always feels like you're just playing the odds. take the gamble out of stain removal. introducing resolve all-stains. the pre-treat that combines a chamber of oxygen formula with a chamber of enzyme formula in the same bottle. resolve removes all types of stains in the first wash. so whenever you do laundry, you'll always hit the jackpot.
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8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] and a cast of thousands, winning the spirit award. a rainy times square. it's fourth of july. george, robin and lara are enjoying it. we have amy robach here with us this morning. from food and flicks. we are starting at the movies. all the box office blockbusters you don't want to miss. and these looks could be yours for as little as 50 bucks. >> i'm in. plus, sara moulton here, whipping up a holiday menu. it will be your most delicious
8:01 am
independence day. we're looking forward to barbecue chicken and potato and corn salad. >> i do, too. some say we're reinventing s'mores. just a few minutes left to vote whether josh will help with the holiday spirit. yes. we should all vote online. >> i still don't understand -- >> it's hot out there. it's getting hot in here. >> look who it is with news. paula faris. hey, paula. >> good morning. this is expected to be the hottest fourtf july ever in several major cities, including chicago, minneapolis, detroit, kansas city and memphis. temperatures expected to soar over 100 degrees. it was so hot in wisconsin, a state highway buckled, sending this suv airborne.
8:02 am
no one was hurt. in the mid-atlantic, more misery. nearly 1 million homes and businesses are still without power following last week's storm. and it could be two or three more days in some areas. and in the west, a new wildfire is burning. this one north of l.a. dry conditions are forcing cities and towns in 20 states to cancel holiday fireworks. two dozen fires are being blamed on target shooting, forcing utah's governor to impose gun restrictions on public land. and look at this. how random fires can be. this house in utah was untouched. but look around. all of the sur runding land was scorched. a major headline in the scientific world. researchers in switzerland say they have discovered what is being referred to as the god particle. that's believed to give all matter size and shape. you can tweet questions to josh elliott. >> i think that's the coolest
8:03 am
story ever. it's tremendous. this one is cool, too. apple may have a new weapon in the tablet war. it's planning to unveil a smaller ipad this year, to compete with less expensive offerings from google, and amazon. and finally, a daring rescue in oregon this morning. a firefighter was lowered into that quarry to rescue that dog that fell 50 feet and landed on a narrow ledge. the ledge saved the dog from falling another 150 feet. the dog was fine. just a little thirsty. the firefighter took a t-shirt of the dog's owner to smell the owner's scent. >> that's remarkable. >> isn't that amazing? >> yeah. >> dog is well. speaking of dogs, hey, sam champion. >> ouch. >> how about this? how about this? no particle physics here.
8:04 am
just "pop news." josh, america has voted. if you would indulge us, an astounding 98% of those who responded. if you would, josh. just -- that's all we needed. ladies and gentlemen. happy birthday, america. there we go. seriously, 98%. >> how did i get 2% of the vote? >> i can only tell you. it's numbers. by the way, don't expect wizards or -- the koovr for her first novel aimed for adults has been revealed. "the casual vacancy" is what it's called. it's the story of a seemingly idyllic town in england where everyone is at war with each other. will it have the same effect that harry potter did?
8:05 am
who doesn't like 500 pages of backstabbing passion? chad ochocinco came in fourth on "dancing with the stars." he's number one in our "pop news" hearts today. just before his wedding, he invited one twitter follower to see him walk down the aisle. the story gets better. she's a widow named cheryl. asked for his prayers after she losed her husband. ochocinco invited her to the nuptials. cheryl is probably watching right now. expenses paid by chad. i'm telling you. amazing guy. all the more reason too get on twitter, folks. free trip. the spoiler alert by the way, coming in this one. turn off your sets. don't watch it. if you're a mermaid lover out there, you want to cover up your ears. it turns out they do not exist. they don't exist. you're looking at
8:06 am
computer-generated footage from a sign fiction special about mermaid on animal planet. after the special aired, the national oceanic and weather association, got calls from viewers as to whether there are mermaids or not. they issued a press release. >> how many calls? i mean, a lot. >> they're not real. >> you realize, we work for the walt disney company, buddy. just making clear. can we at least have unicorns? >> mermaids are real. let's show you the pictures of the mermaids that are so real. and they will help us make s'mores here on "gma." could we show you that? >> sarina, uncle sam was just kidding. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. to make up for it, how about this? other morning shows may not be pro-panda. but we are.
8:07 am
we love pandas. we share this with you. look at these guys, making it down the slides. it's a video released as part of panda awareness week. come on. does this make up for mermaids or what? just what we needed a little bit this morning. i can't stop. they just lay there. and, ladies and gentlemen, that's your fourth of july, extra special version of "pop news." >> although you do lead the extreme weather team, i would love to give you the chance to toss it to your colleague. absolutely. standing outside -- oh, no. ginger zee. >> america did not vote. i just put it own. a woman gave it to me from kansas city. it's up to you folks.
8:08 am
we start in chicago. oh, my goodness, has it been hot. she says, my friends have been texting me. so uncomfortable, right? wls, our affiliate there. the scorcher will koont. chicago, in the 100s. by the end of the week, the weekend, finally breaking. not too shabby in new york, either, in the low 90s. here's the fly-by across the nation. how about a big fourth of
8:09 am
>> sam, my plan is to take this on the road. >> put a big abc symbol on it and market it, ginger. i think you have a look there. >> i don't want you to feel -- >> not quite that long. i'm serious. i love it. by the way, here's what's ahead on "gma." i don't know why this is on my head. we're making this the best fourth of july ever with our summer blockbuster movie roundup. what you have to see and what you can just let go. plus, holiday looks. not gingers. not mine. the looks that won't blow your budget. and sara moulton's in the kitchen. that's when i go out and join sara. i love this part. making all of the food you need for the best fourth of july ever. we're having ours, right here on "gma." [ jennifer garner ] why can't strong sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer provides unbeatable uva uvb protection
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] hey, for many, this weekend, will be a scorcher out there. but will this be the hottest july 4th ever at the box office? "the amazing spider-man" could break records and really has in some cities. and our movie guru, chris connelly. we give you that title in the 8:00 hour. what should we see?
8:15 am
what should we skip? "the amazing spider-man." >> this fourth of july, movie theaters have everything we could want. acting, dancing, and air conditions. >> i see a lot of lawbreakers on this side. ♪ it's raining men >> reporter: that's a strip mall. for "magic mike's" pecs. >> down here. >> reporter: to the plushy profanity of "ted." >> bring it in, you bastard. come on. that's my bad. i was sending a tweet. >> reporter: two "r"-rated movies. >> i am meridia, and i will be targeting with my own hand. >> reporter: the fourth is teed up for a reboot. "the amazing spider-man." just a high schooler.
8:16 am
out to snare teens and tweens in his box office web. >> 38 of new york's finest versus one guy in a unitard. >> all good stuff coming up this fourth, josh. >> good for the whole family? >> i would say. i had three under the age of 10. i wouldn't recommend that. but entry level superhero-dom. the leads are very appealing. appeal transcends their age, which is something we are all shooting for. we may feel like we've seen it before. but a lot of people won't. it's a great call for anybody over the age of 10. >> if we're bringing kids to the theaters and not seeing "spider-man" what else is there for us? >> "you have the penguins from "madagascar 3." and "brave." and i wish the main character was more brave. >> sarina and i went to see it.
8:17 am
and i wanted to see a strong female character. she did like the archery. >> another female character, in 3d, katy perry. but this may not be ready for your 4-year-old to enjoy. >> she was saying, word for word, the other day. remarkable. >> it's intraspecktive. that's what happens when your marriage breaks up shooting a documentary. >> we saw "magic mike" and "ted." not family films. >> "magic mike" is making money. it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. it's like an indy set in this world. while the mostly-female audience gets their full ration of beefcake, there's a bro-positive message in the movie that can make it tolerable for guys. >> and "ted," teddy bears for
8:18 am
adults. >> mark wahlberg does it all. >> we don't want to see these but the other adult films, what is out there? >> "moonrise kingdom." probably the best since "the royal tenenbaums." it's something you can't get enough of. the scene that ends with this particular sequence here is probably the most dazzling sequence we'll see this summer. that young boy going through everybody's about to be in this church play. warm-hearted and fun to see. you know, "beast of the southern wild" is remarkable, as well. >> real quick, "dark knight rises," what can you tell us? >> it's going to be awesome. it will have multiple satisfactions. we want to be taken to another woorld. >> i have to feel, when you see the trailer for it, they don't give it all away. can't wait to see it. chris kconnelly, thank you, as always. now, outside to amy. >> all right, josh. fourth of july.
8:19 am
celebrating garden party, barbecue, beach bashes. we're going to show you the best festive looks all under $100 with audrey slater, the fashion director of "redbook" magazine. >> thank you. i'm hoop by to be here. >> was it hard to find he's under $100. >> old navy, h&m, full of deals. they are open today. get ready to shop. >> let's get to it. we're going to bring out our models. we should mention, all of our models are "gma" interns. you look beautiful. this is the garden party look. >> aubrey is wearing the it dress of the season. lace and eyelets is everything right now. if you need to do something dressier, this is the way to go. we gave it personality.op on th. >> blue for the holiday.
8:20 am
she looks amazing. she is adorable in this dress. $40 from h&m. >> all right. now, to the beach. let's bring out jill. michael it fun, as well. >> yes. jill is our bikini babe. this is how you do patriotic without trying too hard or spending too much. this is $20 at old navy. everything here is old navy. and the key is, you want a little coverage to go from the beach to get that ice cream cone or go to whatever party afterwards. you're covered. you're not exposed. these are pieces you'll have all summer long. >> to the beach, to shopping. >> you're covered all day long today. >> thank you. you look fantastic. let's talk about the fourth of july barbecue. and we have daniela here sporting a look. >> what's cuter for a backyard barbecue, hamburgers and hot dogs, tank top and shorts. this is an outfit with
8:21 am
accessories with just the right amount of attitude. a cute fedora. >> these are popular right now, these hats. >> that's coming home with me. and the scarf has become a staple for all women. flip-flops, $4 at old navy. run and get every color you want. >> can't beat it. thanks so much, daniela. knowing says fireworks better than sequins. >> tonight is the night to sparkle. red, white and black is just as good as red, white and blue. you can go black for the evening. and fireworks-inspired jewelry. dangling earrings. and red is a tribute to july 4th. >> i love the red lipstick. and the red flip-flops. let's bring out all of our
8:22 am
models. it's attainable for anyone's budget. >> you can find your fourth of july outfit and look amazing today. >> audrey slater, thank you so much. now, over to sam. >> hi, ladies. lovely fashions, by the way. i like the looks. "gma" food editor, sara moulton, is here. we're about to show you why you're the "gma" food editor. "taste of home" right there. we're going to put it together from scratch. you're going to make everything. and it's quick and simple. >> barbecue chicken. i'll talk about the other things in a minute. we're going to make our barbecue sauce. the reason i make my barbecue sauce is because most barbecue sauce -- >> hello. most are too sweet. >> too sweet. >> they have a lot of sugar in them. when you look at the label and
8:23 am
it says high-fructose corn syrup, it's not going to taste good. >> add the brown sugar. cider vinegar. >> vinegar and tketchup. i made my own spice mix. we're going to add some of this. >> that gives it a kick. >> really. and makes it spicy. you can make it spicier if you want to add more cayenne. this simmers for about 20 minutes. >> i have barbecue sauce on everything. this is the best sauce i've ever had. >> i have to say, i like it. i think it's rather good. now, we're going to get our chicken on. basically, when you're grilling the chicken, it takes about 25 to 30 minutes. you have a hot side and a cool side. you start it on the hot side. >> do not put the sauce on the
8:24 am
chicken before you put it on the grill. why? >> it will burn. you cook the chicken all the way. five minutes here. five minutes cool side. flip it over. and depending how far along it is, five minutes out, we go ahead and brush it. and that's all good. and you serve the extra barbecue sauce on the side. >> and folks can dip the chicken in the barbecue sauce. >> another thing i recommend, is taking the children and letting it rest for five minutes. >> all of the juices get together. corn and potato salad. i don't like potato salad because it's too fattening. what did you do? >> i lightened this one up. and this is beer bread, sam. you have to try the beer bread. >> before we get too the beer bread, now that i'm trying to swallow, let's talk about grilled corn. >> best thing on the planet. >> everybody in america do the
8:25 am
grilled corn? >> it's about ten minutes. and i like to do it out of the husk. it tastes like popcorn. you turn it constantly. >> it's okay if it gets a little burned on the outside. >> sure. you're going to cut it uf. and toss it in there. i learned a new way to cut it off. sidewa sideways. put it down. >> beer bread. who knew this was a sensation across the country? >> is it a foccia. >> flour, beer and onions on top. >> you dunk it in beer when you eat it. >> of course. i think some might have beer today. >> i had never heard of it until you got here. when you talked about it, on your show, everybody was sending you their recipes for beer
8:26 am
bread. >> i'm going to circle that because this chicken -- i mean, that is absolutely incredible. and i think you can spice it to taste. >> you can add more chilies to it. there's cayenne and paprika in there. you can add smoked paprika. i like the smoked. that's why i have the chipotle and the potato salad. >> all this so easy to do. sara moulton, it's unbelievable that instead of grabbing that stuff at the store and paying extra for the barbecue sauce, you can make you're own. it will be healthier. it will be simpler. we love you. all of the recipes at on yahoo! get ready for dessert now.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good wednesday morning. i am mike masco. we have the clouds in place but we will see the sun shine go to work today and everybody is going to get into the 90s. look at the last few frames of the radar satellite picture. all activity moving offshore from earlier this morning. 77 in town right now easton up to 81. and we will watch the temperatures soar. heat and humidity combined will create issues for certainly a heat indexes arising between 100 to 105. heat advisory in effect through the afternoon. so two degree guarantee. 98, hot and humid with a spot storm. today we will go down to around 75 degrees. it's a slow crawl and there could be an early thunderstorm across the area. 100 tomorrow. and the heat indexes running between 105 to 110. another 100 degree for friday
8:28 am
and showers and storms in the mix heading towards saturday. sunday temperatures into the middle up toker 9 0s. the person is dead as a result of cleanup from the storm. emergency management says a contractor died after falling out of a tree in garrett county. a contractor was removing limbs from a storm damaged tree and fell about 40 feet. this brings the storm related death to 4. tonight more than 200,000 people are expected in the inner harbor for the independence day fireworks display. baltimore city police are ready and have a new plan to keep the peace. they will watch visitors by camera and helicopter. police on bikes will circle the harbor as well keeping the crowd under control. the crowd is expected to be 10 times the size of that for the new year's eve crowd. now back to new york for more good morning america. have a great 4th of july one more check of the weather coming up in 30 minutes. 3q
8:29 am
back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at
8:30 am
♪ ♪ in america your america ♪ ♪ it's my america oh, america ♪ ♪ purple mountains shining seas ♪ ♪ america america ♪ gospel great, bebe winans. patriotic album called "america america." and perfect to bring us back. as we wish you a happy birthday. robin, george, lara, enjoying it. paula faris, and amy robach, here. we have great desserts.
8:31 am
we have chocolate to peanut buttercups. >> they worked all morning, since you said, at 7:00, we're reinventing s'mores. all right here. this friday, by the way, it's demi lovato, in the park from our summer concert series. and we're giving you a chance to vote on which of these questions you want her to answer. use the "gma" app on your smartphone or go to our facebook page. there's the question right there. favorite shoes? you get to vote. >> you vote on the smartphone oar facebook. sam, i hold you responsible for the rays. this fantastic crowd behind us. we hope they stick around for friday. and stick around for monday because we have a new venture. lara and i very excited. we're counting down. take a look at the clock.
8:32 am
a little over 125 hours or so until "good afternoon america" launches. we'll have lots of money. insightful, funny cent contributors. there's a segment we call "toe-to-toe." take a look. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, america. >> time to go head-to-head. but we go "toe-to-toe." >> is cleavage inappropriate, even in the workplace. >> in the workplace. absolutely right. unless you're going for promotion. >> i'm just going to look straight up. >> the majority of women still want to marry a male provider. >> we're afraid that your ego might not be able to handle the fact that we're a provider. >> mommy loves her man pretty. >> jennifer love hewitt, he can't seem to get it right. and some are wondering --
8:33 am
>> i'm going to come out on national tv and say, i am dating with jennifer love hewitt. you've just broken up with jennifer love hewitt. >> is sex addiction real? >> pull up a chair. >> it starts monday, july 9th. 1:00 central and pacific. >> we can not wait. >> we can't wait, either. it's going to make the days -- tick tock, sam. >> i'm setting my watch to the countdown clock. so, it's prominently displayed. >> prominent appearances on the program because the man has nothing, if not hours. >> i have nothing to do. >> you have explaining to do, sam. >> i know. we need to talk about your fourth of july. who gets showers and who gets
8:34 am
heat. the showers here only last through our broadcast. the rest of the day will be warm. your twitter and facebook pictures flying out of your holiday. athens, georgia, to the relating river. we have a lot of heat. look at the heat index levels as we keep going throughout the day. it's 90s in minneapolis this morning. in minneapolis, if you were to wake up and say, what would it be like if we lived in florida? now, you know. now, you know. here's your holiday cities. patriot, ohio, america, oklahoma. celebration, florida. there's some scattered sto
8:35 am
>> all of that weather was brought that you by simmons beautyrest. i want to tell you about this. "family circle" 2012 cookie bakeoff. this is, by the way, michelle obama's momma kay's white and dark chocolate chip cookies. and ann romney's monster cookies. taste? >> tie. >> it can't be a tie, josh. you have to taste and vote. you can go to >> they're both delicious. >> it can't be a tie.
8:36 am
>> it's america. i can vote twice. come on. >> i don't know what it is. >> there's butter in there. something else i want to show you. it's a game that's taking off. disney has a mobile app called where's my water. it's just about the most popular game out there. i can't stop playing it right now. i just found out about it yesterday. it follows the adventure of swampy, the alligator. here's a twist for "gma" viewers. take a look. it's the mobile game that has millions around the world tapping on their touch-screens. and made swampy the alligator, into a new disney icon. use your fingers to direct water through sewers to help swampy take a shower. >> one of the challenges for the developers was trying to make a game that's easy to play.
8:37 am
and fits the way people use their mobile devices. >> reporter: this similar game about washing an alligator has cleaned up. it's reached the top of the mobile app charts in 80 different countries. >> we never expected the amount of success the game has received. the game has really wide appeal. anyone from preschoolchildren to grandparents and anywhere between. >> reporter: and swampy, the first disney character developed for mobile devices, has leapt off the screen, hatching a market all his own. >> we're selling figurines. people want to know the character more. >> reporter: swampy's star continues to rise. and "gma" viewers get exclusive access. the team behind where's my water, add new features. including a level just for our "gma" viewers. >> we have a sun-like shape that viewers will find familiar.
8:38 am
>> i don't know. it says -- i think as long as you can tap that screen, they've made it.hat's like six months? >> they're more technologically savvy than we are. coming up, holiday desserts that leave you wanting more. @ [ female announcer ] over the last ten years, your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... giggled, snuggled, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface.
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[ cheers and applause ] the best fourth of july ever rolls along. sara moulton was making tasty barbecue. but everyone knows to have the best fourth of july ever, you have to have the best dessert. "taste of home" editor in chief, catherine cassidy. reinventing the s'more. i do want to point out, there will be no audience members armed in the making of these s'mores. if you remember yesterday, take a look. there was a boiling milk issue.
8:42 am
video replays are inconclusive. it was a gust of wind or sam champion trying to make me look bad. and this morning, we have ponchos. you're safe. >> s'mores are a classic american food. everybody loves them. the great thing about the bars is it's all the flavor in one pan. easy to find ingredients. if the grocery store isn't open today, go to the convenience store. >> we're making bars. >> we're making bars. here's what we're going to do. you have some butter and sugar. and add the eggs. these are graham cracker crumbs that we've crushed. >> what am i adding here? >> bakie inine ining powder and. >> let me check. should i mix? >> no, you should not. amy, can you go in there and
8:43 am
mix, please? >> this is what it looks like. like cookie dough. i'm going to take it out and press it into the pans evenly. then, just add the chocolate. smash that on. >> just smash it on. >> this is the marshmallow fluff. important ingredient. you can use minimarshmallows. does that look good? >> and it does the melting. >> we reserved a little bit of the dough we're going to sprinkle on. >> we have a couple of minutes left. >> once you finish with this, you bake it for 30 minutes. >> with the oven at? >> 350. when they are warm, now, we're going to turn them into a fourth of july extravaganza. you want them to be swarm soo they stick. >> sprinkle. >> i'm eating a s'more.
8:44 am
>> it's raining sprinkles, sam. >> there's work going on here. >> it looks like hard work. >> someone has to officially taste. >> oh, yeah. >> you want to -- and you want to let this sit, i'm going to guess. >> yes, it does. it sits for about 30 minutes before you cut it. then, you get a nice, clean bar. really, you improvise. instead of chocolate, peanut buttercup. >> i would. i have to be honest. then, what do you have here? >> chocolate graham crackers, shortbread. and minimarshmallows. >> what have you got? >> i like the one in the cookie with the thing. >> and then, nutella. you can use nutella. blackberries. raspberries. >> on
8:45 am
yahoo! to get all these recipes. coming up, go nowhere. gospel legen
8:46 am
8:47 am
and we're lucky to have six-time grammy award winning gospel and r&b superstar. byby bebe winans is here to talk about his new album "america america," and his upcoming book. why make a patriot album?
8:48 am
>> i was assured it's an album needed. just songs that has a way to get in places that spoken word can't. i hope through this album, i can cause americans to fall in love with this country. >> if anybody can do it, you can do it. and speaking of independence day and in honor of this day, you have a tv special on centric tonight. what do fans expect to see? >> you can expect to see gladys knight and the wonderful artists and musicians sing from their hearts. the songs we think we know, until they start singing. and we had a great time. a celebration of the this great country we live in. >> and your new book "the whitney i knew." what was it like for you to write that book? >> it was very therapeutic for me.
8:49 am
i was told to break the pain. if you break the pain, you come on the other side of the hurt and the loss. i honored her through the words i put on the pages. >> her family i'm sure appreciates it. for the best fourth ever, there is noo one better, bebe winans, too sing your inspiring rendition of "god bless america." take it away, bebe. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪
8:50 am
♪ from the mountains to the prairies ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america
8:51 am
land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairies ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪
8:52 am
♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ 3q
8:53 am
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what a great crowd. sticking with us all day in a somewhat rainy fourth of july here on times square. we want to thank all of you for having us in your homes for a little bit of the holiday today. and please, everyone out there, make it a safe and happy birthday for the country. >> you know what i want to do? i want to hear another song from bebe winans. he's going to take us out with "grand old flag." >> sing with me? >> in my heart. ♪ you're a grand old flag you're a high-flying flag ♪ ♪ and forever indeed may you wave ♪ ♪ with the emblem of the land i love ♪
8:56 am
♪ the home of the free and the brave ♪ ♪ every heartbeats true to the red, white and blue ♪ ♪ the tether of should all acquaintances be forgot ♪ ♪ keep your eye on the grand old flag ♪ now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good wednesday morning. i am mike masco downtown shot showing us sunshine coming out. we have the storms and showers and now that's cleared the coast. you see on maryland's most powerful radar well-off shore
8:57 am
but we are watching a cluster of showers and it starts north ofbuffalo and eventually it will drift in our direction. that's 7 hours or so. we have storms in the forecast later today. you can see the clouds starting to thin out some and that's sunshine that's going to allow the temperatures to boost. 77 in town right now. here tack on another 20 degrees to that and we will see the highs reaching the upper 90s excessive heat advisory for the baltimore viewing area. toward the eastern shore same deal. temperatures well into the 90s. the two degree guarantee of 98 today and hazy and hot and humid with the spotty storms developing in the afternoon. and eventually we get down to 75 but i think the number is achieved well after midnight. in fact during fireworks time at 9:30 it's going to be well into the upper 80s. 7-day forecast looks like this. 100 for thursday. real feel temperatures between 100 and 105. same for friday mostly sunny skies and more instability with the humidity on saturday and
8:58 am
sunday. and gusty thunderstorms and same into monday. maybe we can break the 90 degree stretch on tuesday but all indications are we stay into the upper 80s. code reds will continue and the heat alerts will continue going to the weekend for the latest news traffic and weather updates abc2 and also a mobile a at 46988 and text us and we will give outapp. see you tomorrow morning for good morning maryland.
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